PAVEON workforce is given space to be innovative and creative; this is to ensure a pool of satisfaction for our customers and clients.

Vision, Mission & Strategy

Vision Our vision is to become and remain the preferred channel partner of choice & be recognized as the leading supplier of quality photography and video to well established institutions in South Africa and beyond the borders.

Mission We endeavor to understand the needs of its clients, keeping them secure in the knowledge that it will fulfil their needs from conceptualization & design of their end product.

Strategy The critical component of our business strategy is based on maximizing our growth and profitability as well as that of our shareholders. Our primary focus will be on:

  • Skills Development. 
  • Enhancing growth in the business partnerships that we are involved in. 

Business Partners 

We believe in partnerships that are based on trust, ethics and integrity. It is this belief that forms the cornerstone of our commitment to forming sustainable and mutually beneficial partnerships with our business partners. 

Business Principles 

Our business principles are guided by three important aspects; firstly, our Code of Conduct which is guided by ethics, integrity, trust and respect for others.

The second aspect is Compliance with the Law in The Republic of South Africa and all the countries in which we do business. The final aspect is Corporate Governance where we are totally committed to the highest levels of corporate governance and promote these amongst all our business partners and stakeholders. 


We at PAVEON believe in giving our clients the best quality products and service. The knowledge that we boast of our industry is the key differentiated against our competitors. Each individual customer has unique requirements and through tailor made solutions we ensure each customer’s needs are met.

We believe that our biggest asset is our workforce and constantly invest in them through training programs. This way we ensure that they are kept up to date with technological changes in the industry.


  1. Add value to our clients’ products and services. 
  2. Provide clients with high-quality service.
  3. Benefit clients by conducting business in a cost-effective manner. 
  4. Supply all clients with the best quality photography and
  5. video. 


Every project, in which the company becomes involved in, is administered in exact accordance with the client’s wishes. We follow sound proven project management procedures and business practices